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Host Hub is a nonprofit community owned technology, innovation, collaborative learning and co-working space in Arua District of West Nile – Uganda. The hub is founded by a community of talented and purpose driven tech and innovative group of youth and students of Academia with the aim of exploring and delivering solutions to challenges and tech ideas and practices designed to improve the well being of the society and promote social impact for growth, resilience and development.

Host hub is to be a stepping stone for tapping innovative ideas, incubating startups, offering co-working spaces, training/events, networking opportunities and fostering entrepreneurship, collaboration and creative learning space. Host hub seeks to serve and empower communities through new ideas, open source solution approach.

The Hub community with the expertise of strategic study and conflict resolution shall use tech for peace building, governance, healing and reconciliation. The hub seeks to address unemployment, sociology-economic challenges, conflict, climatic changes and civilization, poverty and emerging community global issues. Host hub shall, for the community, be a catalyst for growth, self-reliance, resilience and social innovation ecosystem for development.

Host Hub is dynamic community with a great and strong Board of Directors elected by the General Assembly. This board is the supreme body of the organization and the steward of its polices and projects or programing; Supervising the management and Strengthening its operations. The Community is led by vibrant and innovative program personnel.


Host hub exists to create a space for community collaboration and capacity development for growth and change through hosting events, trainings and innovative and technological industries by providing work-space, incubating startups, entrepreneurship support and developing a strong social ecosystem working to deliver sustainable solutions to meet community and global challenges.


A hyper-tech and user-friendly community space that confronts emerging challenges and entrepreneurial host promoting suitable impact and delivering sustainable solutions for development in Africa and Uganda in particular

Aldo Adomati

Co Founder & BOG

Abas Hamza

Co Founder & Community Manager

Barnabas Samuel

Co Founder & Programs Manager

Adiye Mawa

Co Founder & Finance Adminstrator

Dramaza Innocent

IT Manager and Digital Content Developer

Oyikuru Emmanuel

Operations Manager

Unzima Steve

Social Media Manager

Kopele Miraji

Projects and Innovation Director

Media Agency

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This month comes with blessing for us here at the Hub

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